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Imperia Online Case Study: 100% uptime and reliability after deploying StorPool

StorPool is proud to present its latest case study with one of  the most successful game production companies in Europe – Imperia Online.

Imperia Online has more than 20 released games and over 40 million users worldwide. The main goal for all companies in the gaming industry is to provide extremely low latency of the game. As well as, to keep safe the players’ data and be always accessible and alive. Imperia Online saw that in order to achieve that, they needed to move from the complicated solution they build alone, to something much more sophisticated, where the whole service is fully virtualized. Therefore, after testing more than one other storage solutions, they chose StorPool for Imperia Online storage.

Dobroslav Dimitrov, Co-founder of Imperia Online

“StorPool gives a 100% reliability, which is a must in the gaming world, where even a few seconds of downtime can result into losing customers worldwide. Since we implemented the solution, I don’t believe we’ve been offline.”said Dobroslav Dimitrov, Co-founder of Imperia Online.


Why choosing StorPool

Technical expertise, flexibility and easy process of planning and deployment are some of the main reasons Imperia Online chose to work with StorPool. The fair pricing was an additional benefit, that helped the decision making process. The bottom line, however, is that “Besides the technological edge, that StorPool has, what we saw was a partner.” , said Dobroslav Dimitrov.

The biggest advantages, after deploying StorPool are:

  • scalability – both capacity and performance (IOPS) wise
  • 100% up-time – higher redundancy and no downtime
  • Keeping user’s data safe: end-to-end data protection
  • Decreased page loading time by a factor of 3

Video case study

About Imperia Online 

Imperia Online Ltd. is one of the biggest and most successful game production companies in Europe. It was founded in 2005. Today it has more than 20 released games, including the flagship title Imperia Online with over 40 million users worldwide. They develop games for web browsers, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and social networks like Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte, popular in more than 170 countries.

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Imperia Online

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