Performance Test: StorPool “SSD-Hybrid” shared storage system with 20x SSDs and 40x HDDs

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This is a test of a StorPool Distributed Storage system, which we call “SSD-Hybrid”. It consists of 20 SSDs and 40 HDDs, spread evenly across 5 storage servers (nodes). The system uses 3 copies of each piece of data in a different server to guarantee redundancy (i.e. 3x replication). All reads and writes come/go the the SSDs first and are …

How to build extremely efficient Clouds

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Our co-founder Boyan I. was a speaker at HostingCon Global 2016 and presented how to build extremely efficient Clouds. In his presentation he summarized the things and lessons we learned by deploying IT infrastructure and clouds for many companies. We decided to share the slides, so you can avoid some common mistakes and also get tips on how to build …

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StorPool and OpenNebula Systems sign a Technology Partnership agreement

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StorPool and OpenNebula Systems teamed up to deliver a remarkable solution for any public or private cloud StorPool is a new generation storage software (software defined storage 2.0). It runs on compute nodes (converged set-up) and delivers fast, reliable and scalable block-storage from these nodes. StorPool only does block-level storage and excels at it. OpenNebula Systems is the company behind …