Simple hyper-converged infrastructure with StorPool

StorPool makes it fast and easy to set-up and manages data storage. It can be set-up as a stand-alone storage system, running on standard servers or in a Hyper-Converged fashion, running on the compute/application servers.

If you deploy it in a hyper-converged fashion you can also have a single building block for your datacenters by combining compute and storage on the same node. This simplifies your IT infrastructure and reduces its starting cost. As your set-up grows, though, it may be be more efficient to decouple storage and compute again to optimize the different sub-systems independently. This is also possible to do with StorPool.

StorPool was designed with the customer in mind with a focus on simplicity:

  • Simple, yet extremely robust architecture
  • Usage of standard hardware: makes it simpler and cheaper to set-up and support
  • Ease of use – StorPool is simple all the way – to implement, manage and grow
  • No experts needed – a junior system administrator is usually able to operate StorPool with some basic training. No need for expensive specialist storage experts with 5 pages of certificates
  • Hyperconverged on standard hardware – we know how important hyper-converged infrastructure has become, thus we developed a number of integrations, which makes building hyper-converged solutions fast and easy

When we designed StorPool’s distributed storage architecture we specifically thought of simplicity. This is why we do not require custom kernels, we are compatible with the standard software stack, we use standard hardware. Although we are selective about some particular hardware components (mostly SSDs, NICs and HBAs), we still use standard mass-production components, familiar on the market. We always do our best to make everything as simple possible (but not simpler).