Scale-out storage


Seamless scale-out storage in capacity and performance. StorPool can grow without interruption and in incremental steps – one drive, one server and one network interface at a time.

StorPool allows you to scale-out storage – in other words to increase storage capacity gradually by adding just one drive or server at a time! Compare this with currently typical “fork-lift” upgrades (which are exactly what they sound – a fork lift gets in the datacenter to replace a big storage box with an even bigger one).


The system can be scaled by adding a single disk and/or a single server. And with any added disk/server the performance of the entire pool increases. This is done by spreading client’s data on all disks in the pool and parallel communication between the client and all servers. The performance is additionally increased by our tiering and load balancing mechanisms.

StorPool is a genuine scale out storage system that leverages the entire cluster of servers to give massively superior IOPS performance compared to other software storage solutions. StorPool is lightweight and works much closer to the hardware, thus it captures the raw IO speeds of the underlying hardware. StorPool also achieves unmatched performance through its superior network protocol and its copy-on-write on-disk format, while also accelerating random writes and mitigating the “I/O blender effect”.

Capacity and performance increase with any added drive / server

StorPool scales horizontally by adding low-cost servers and drives. Unlike most storage solutions, every time you add a server (CPU, RAM, drives /IOPS/ and network ports) you increase the performance of the entire StorPool system. StorPool takes care of spreading the data to all servers and keeping a prescribed number of copies. This has a significant impact on operating costs and complexity for our customers.

Individual drives in a StorPool cluster can be added and taken away with no impact on the service/data availability, provided sufficient copies have been made. The StorPool cluster is a flat hierarchy of drives and new drives can be added or removed at any time. When new drives are added to a StorPool cluster the capacity of these drives is simply added to the pool. StorPool automatically ensures that copies are placed in separate fault domains (typically separate servers), so there is no need to plan and configure RAIDs.