SAN storage arrays and all-flash arrays are too expensive?

Data storage is still the single most expensive component in the datacenter. And companies now realize that with all these costs in their balance sheet they lose competitive edge to more innovative competitors. This is why we are not surprised by the recurring pattern we see – customers replace traditional SAN storage arrays, all-flash arrays and even other storage software with StorPool in order to bring down the cost of their storage system.

StorPool uses standard hardware which brings solid reduction in Total Cost of Ownership and increases Return on Investment. With StorPool 2x less hardware is needed: it makes Converged Storage+Compute possible (storage running on the same hypervisor/application servers). StorPool is superior to traditional SAN storage arrays or all-flash storage arrays in both technical and business terms.

Standard hardware

Unlike big SAN storage boxes from major storage vendors, StorPool uses commodity hardware. It is well selected, still standard / white label / OEM / white-box hardware. This is why a StorPool storage solution is simpler, easier to procure and cheaper to set-up, maintain and support. It does not require specialist workforce and specific certificates. The bottom line is it can be up to 10 times less expensive in the long run than a comparable dedicated storage hardware solution.

Increased utilization

StorPool can in practice run Compute and Storage on the same servers (converged/hyper-converged/Server SAN deployemnts). By doing so, companies can use one set of servers for both running applications and storing data. In this way, they save on CAPEX, space, utility costs and maintenance.

“Pay-as-you-go” pricing

StorPool has “pay-as-you-go” license model. It is one of the first storage vendors to align pricing of storage with the business demands for flexibility and operational expenses – we shift high CAPEX to affordable OPEX.

High-end SAN storage features

An often overlooked fact is that StorPool provides most of the features that you would expect from a mid- to high-end SAN storage array – thin provisioning, scale-out, data integrity, QoS (Quality of Service), snapshots and clones, multi-controller system, etc, etc. However, with most traditional SAN storage or all-flash/solid state storage vendors each of these features comes with a separate price tag. With StorPool they all come in the package.