Ultra-high performance storage by StorPool

StorPool is a high performance storage solution.
Even a small 3 server all-SSD StorPool storage systems will start at above 1,000,000 IOPS at 0.1 ms latency and grow from there.

StorPool achieves this by aggregating the capacity and performance of many drives from many servers into one shared pool of storage, distributed between the servers. StorPool scales linearly in both capacity and performance, i.e. a cluster that is 10 times larger will have approximately 10 times the performance and capacity. This enables seamless growth and unmatched flexibility of the infrastructure.

How StorPool provides high performance block storage:

  • It operates at near 100% efficiency, delivering all the performance available from the underlying drives and network. This is achieved through a complete re-engineering of the storage stack. StorPool uses its own copy-on-write on-disk format, RDMA network protocol, client, etc., all optimized for fast and efficient distributed storage.
  • StorPool uses very little server resources (CPU, RAM), typically about 5-10% of all resources, and leave the remaining 90-95% for running applications/compute workloads on the same nodes, making StorPool one of the most efficient storage software on the market.
  • It is a distributed system, which works with many pieces of the data in parallel. This delivers higher performance, but also higher reliability, balances load across storage nodes. Also performance is increased with every added drive or a server. StorPool’s

StorPool’s replication mechanism delivers higher performance. Data is read and written from and to many drives in parallel, aggregating not only the capacity, but the performance of all drives in the system.

StorPool provides exceptional performance, whilst at the same time delivering end-to-end data integrity and shared storage capabilities. In addition, StorPool maintains high performance and unrivalled efficiency, even while serving the storage needs of many competing workloads.

Commercially StorPool unlocks the potential to achieve major reductions in TCO, offering exceptional value for money when compared to the costs of competing shared block storage solutions, both hardware and software.

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