Supercharge Your OpenNebula Cloud

Accelerate applications with ultra-fast data storage and optimize everyday IT tasks

Turbocharge your OpenNebula Cloud with Ultra-fast, Always-on Block Data Storage

Simple to deploy, manage and grow, OpenNebula has become a leading cloud management platform. Adding StorPool as the storage layer allows IT organizations to build high-performance, highly efficient clouds.

StorPool is tightly integrated with OpenNebula as a new datastore driver. Persistent and non-persistent images (virtual disks) are stored in a StorPool cluster, while OpenNebula controls and monitors the servers running the StorPool cluster. Everyday workflows become automated, such as when a virtual machine (VM) is created in OpenNebula, StorPool automatically creates a new volume and connects it to the VM. 

Cloud builders choose OpenNebula for its simplicity, versatility, and cost effectiveness. With the addition of StorPool Storage, OpenNebula users maintain those advantages while they gain incredible performance, always-on reliability, and StorPool’s legendary Fully Managed Services supporting their operations.

Modern Storage for Modern Clouds

Agile Platform – Eliminate vendor lock-in by using industry standard servers for compute and storage. Scale up and down by adding or removing nodes non-disruptively.
Breakthrough TCO – Pay-as-you-go and pay-per-use licensing with no add-ons for maximum transparency, while delivering a Total Cost of Ownership up to 3 times cheaper
Unmatched Reliability – Gain peace of mind with StorPool’s unique parallel, multi-controller system with no single points of failure delivering proven 99.999% (Five 9s!) uptime with 15 years statistical MTBF.
Fully Managed Dedicated StorPool Experts – StorPool experts design, deploy, tune, monitor, and maintain your storage implementation including the OpenNebula integration
End-to-end automation with OpenNebula – manage everyday workflows from OpenNebula – create and manage volumes, snapshots, VMs.
Application Acceleration with latency under 100 𝜇s (0.1 millisecond) and up to 113 million IOPS in a single system

“We are receiving great feedback from our customers and employees. StorPool just offers insane performance compared to what we’re used to — including All-Flash arrays.”

Jesper Hassing, Systems Consultant, Dustin

Manage Your Entire Cloud with StorPool’s Seamless Integration with OpenNebula

StorPool and OpenNebula joined efforts and technologies to build a simple, efficient and high-performance cloud model. This hyperconverged cloud uses standard servers and networking, and every server within the cloud combines computing, storage and virtual networking functions within KVM virtual machines to achieve better efficiency and simplified management.

With StorPool’s tight integration with OpenNebula, everyday workflows like volume creation, snapshots, restores and more can all be managed from OpenNebula’s GUI, command-line interface or even via automated scripts. StorPool engineers built an OpenNebula add-on module that flows OpenNebula storage requests direction into StorPool.

The final result is a turnkey software stack for building public or private clouds.

“If you want to build a HyperConverged Infrastructure based on OpenNebula, the safest and best step is to use OpenNebula in conjunction with StorPool. The StorPool add-on to OpenNebula is the best, hands-down OpenNebula add-on from the community.”

Constantino Vázquez, COO, Head of Research — OpenNebula

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