The Ultra-Fast & Effortless Block Storage Software Platform

Optimize your entire data center TCO with revolutionary data storage built and managed for you

Primary Storage Platform

Accelerate Your Business with Next-Gen Data Storage for Modern IT

Ultra-Fast Block Storage

Instant Application Acceleration

  • Latency under 100µs (0.1 millisecond)
  • Up to 113 million IOPS per single system
  • Up to 945 GB/s per single system

Fully Managed

By Dedicated StorPool Experts

  • Design, deploy, tune, monitor, maintain 24/7/365
  • STaaS with a bring your own server model
  • Enjoy peace of mind

Agile Platform

Adapts to Changing Business Needs

  • Cover multiple use cases with a single storage platform
  • Multi-stack support eliminates vendor lock-in
  • Scale from 20TB to 60PB in a single system

Unmatched Reliability

Highest Standard in Reliability & Availability

  • 99.999% uptime with maintenance included
  • 15+ years of Mean Time Between Failure
  • Distributed, parallel, multi-controller system with no Single Points of Failure

Unlock Operational Efficiencies

The Right Way to Run IT

  • API-first, dynamic provisioning, self-service. Deeply integrated
  • Always-On – eliminate downtime & maintenance windows
  • Ease hardware lifecycle management

Unseen Total Cost of Ownership

A New Approach to IT Infrastructure

  • Optimize the entire IT stack – from licenses, to OPEX, to staff, to storage
  • Up to 3 times cheaper than traditional storage on a Total Cost Basis
  • Pay-as-you-go and pay-per-use

The right choice in data storage no matter what type of cloud you’re building

StorPool delivers above and beyond what is possible with other primary storage products in terms of reliability, agility, speed, and cost-effectiveness. It’s an excellent replacement for legacy storage architectures like mid- or high-end primary storage arrays and products that just use a software-defined approach to copy the base array, expansion shelf architecture.

Storage for Public Cloud

Storage for

Public Cloud

Exceptional performance, reliability and increased ROI from your cloud computing offering.

Storage for Private Cloud

Storage for

Private Cloud

High availability, linear scalability and data redundancy with 3-copy synchronous replication.

Storage for Shared Hosting Providers

Storage for

Shared Hosting Providers

Virtualized shared hosting storage with guaranteed 100% storage uptime.

Storage for Solution Providers

Storage for

Solution Providers

Build an outstanding solution to attract new customers and increase your profit.

Storage Solutions for Managed Services Providers

Storage Solutions for

Managed Services Providers

Ideal foundation for cloud infrastructure serving the primary workloads of SMBs and Enterprises.

Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

Persistent Storage for


Fast and reliable persistent volumes for large bare-metal Kubernetes clusters.

Manage Storage Within Your Existing Workflows with StorPool Integrations


StorPool provides the most advanced storage platform back-end for OpenNebula. The integration is presented as a new datastore driver…



StorPool integrates seamlessly and transparently into OpenStack via drivers for the block storage (Cinder) and compute (Nova) components…



StorPool has native support for CloudStack and provides plugins to manage your storage through the CloudStack interface…



StorPool is one of the only 3 storage systems integrated with OnApp. We are trusted by many of the largest OnApp’s top customers…



StorPool can be used to provide highly available shared storage to VMware environments through the iSCSI protocol…



Ultra-fast, reliable, and scalable block storage as a service for Proxmox environments – simplify operations, reduce storage downtime…


Leading Cloud Builders, MSPs and Enterprises Trust StorPool

Our customers manage mission-critical data for global organizations – the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), Deutsche Boerse, NASDAQ, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), and many others driving humanity forward. The StorPool platform is the foundation for their clouds

StorPool in 30 seconds

For more than ten years, our team has been building and enhancing our data storage technology and our managed services. The StorPool storage platform is designed to serve as the foundation for the next generation of public and private clouds. Today, StorPool Storage provides block data storage and managed services to datacenters across 30+ countries around the globe.

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Technical Materials

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Case Studies

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Videos and Demos

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